Bio Balancer

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Liquid Soil Tips the Balance in Your Favour

Use for increasing your medium’s Growing potential

It used to be thought – when hydroponics was first introduced in the 70’s – that the root zone of crops needed to be kept free from micro – organisms. On the whole this was a successful method of crop growing, but at the same time, there were occurrences of whole crops being wiped out by disease – even though other crops could have the same potentially lethal micro – organisms present in their root zones – and not be adversely affected. So scientists from different disciplines and from around the world embarked on extensive research, and their discovery revolutionized the understanding of what effect micro – organisms can have on one another and how the food source available to them would dictate their success or failure. Where no micro – organisms were present and then the first organism was introduced into the root zone – especially if it was a disease such as Pythium – it would dominate the environment totally, and the result would be devastating to the crop.

It took a long time to discover and the answer has only recently been found – but whichever ‘bugs’ – either bad or good – are favoured by the substances and carbohydrates exuded by the plant roots – then these are the ones that will survive and thrive.
This is where CX Hydroponics Bio Balancer comes into its own. It not only supplies good ‘bugs’ but also their favourite food source. This balances your hydroponic system and gives nature a helping hand.

Bio Balancer can be used in all types of re – circulating or cocopeat systems.

Add Biobalance to your system today and tip the balance in your favour.