Black Box Contactors

Black Box Contactors

  • £68.99

A leading professional quality, heavy-duty control unit that allows you to effectively and safely control all your HID lighting. Assembled in our facility in the UK, we follow strict safety standards and use only the highest quality components.

But why do you need a Black Box?

When using HID lighting you MUST control your lighting cycle with a contactor timer. This is because a normal domestic timer unit cannot withstand the high electrical conductive load required to ignite the HID lighting. Plugging HID lighting directly into a domestic timer unit will cause the timer to prematurely fail and lead to a potential electrical hazard which may result in your lights being fused either on or off.

The Black Box Contactor range is a professional heavy-duty industrial lighting switch that offers unrivalled quality and reliability.

Key features

  • Professional Grasslin timers
  • Rubberised leads and moulded plugs
  • Handy hanging bracket
  • Switchable sockets for more lighting control
  • 2, 4, 6 and 8 socket versions available