Clone Start

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Use for increasing strike rate of clones

Your clones are the foundation of your crop. Too often, a crop doesn’t meet expectations because the clones didn’t get a good enough start in life. You may not have realized this and blamed other causes for lower yields such as pests and diseases; the nutrient’s no good; the lights are wearing out; the water has changed; maybe your meters are inaccurate etc, etc. How could you possibly have known that it was actually deprived clones that caused your low yields? Eliminate that possibility by using Clone Start from now on.

The ability for the crop to take up nutrients and water is taken away when the clone is cut from the mother plant. Both water and nutrients can diminish quickly however – as the clone will try to use them – even though it is to no use – and because of this the clone will fade and die. If the clone is put in a humid environment – it will prevent water loss long enough for it to put down roots – and adding a rooting compound will speed up the striking process. If some of your cuttings still don’t thrive – or even die – despite doing these two things – it could be due to the fact that either the clone is being attacked by pathogens, or it simply doesn’t have enough energy left to form roots properly.

To overcome these problems, use Clone Start as it will provide nutrients and vitamins to the newly cut clone. When it is sprayed onto the leaves ( as the clone has no roots to take up nutrients ) with the aid of a specialized carrier – it will penetrate the leaves and cuticles – delivering the nutrients directly to the cells of the plants.

Balance your hydroponic system by using CX Hydroponics Bio Balancer and Clone Start. There are further details in the cloning guide in this book.