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Sizes available: 250ml

A concentrated preparation of naturally-occurring bacteria and biodegradable wetting agents for aiding foliar feeding and soil rewetting. Now with the added benefit of a bacterial shield against disease and to aid in nutrient absorption.

The product aids penetration of water into leaves when foliar applied or into dry soil allowing rewetting to take place and re-establishing the natural bacterial population and promote root health.

Benefits of use in foliar application:

Vital for foliar feeding to reduce the surface tension of water.
Will assist in the plants ability to absorb the nutrient solution through the plant tissue.
Beneficial bacteria element helps condition leaves and protects against Botrytis.
Benefits of use in soil:

Overcomes the water repellant properties of hydrophobic (dry) soils, allowing the soil to be re-wet more effectively
Contains natural and renewable materials.
Improves root structure of plants.

For Foliar Feeding:
Essentials Wetter is necessary to ensure the adherence of droplets on difficult to wet leaves as well as assisting with the absorption of the nutrient solution into the plant tissue. Simply mix with your foliar feed and apply.

For Soil Rehydration:
The best way to apply Essentials Wetter to your soil is by making small holes in the soil surface to allow your water/wetting agent solution to pass through the hydrophobic surface layer.