Mighty Grow

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Increase Chlorophyl Levels

Use for boosting low nitrogen levels and stimulating vigorous growth

If your crops are smaller than you expect them to be – and are also lacking in colour – then they could be suffering from a nitrogen and chlorophyll deficiency. Nitrogen allows the plant to produce proteins and amino acids in the amount needed to create high quality crops. Chlorophyll is the plant’s food factory and if this is lacking then the plant won’t produce the food it needs and so it will be smaller.
If you purchase a good quality nutrient – then this shouldn’t be a problem. It’s important to make sure that it contains nitrogen at 55% – 65% higher than calcium. It is the form of nitrogen as well as the amount which is important. You also need to be aware that tap water can actually interfere with the uptake of the nitrate form of nitrogen.

Warmer conditions can actually cause nitrogen loss from the nutrient solution too – this is called denitrification. When the plant reaches the flowering stage the form of nitrogen it requires changes to a higher ammonium requirement. The problem is that although the nutrient you are using may be a balanced solution when first applied around the roots of the plant – unfortunately the plant itself may make the solution unbalanced – due to the needs of the plant and its uptake of nutrients. This could lead to there not being the correct form of nitrogen available.

When you think about the fact that there is only about 2-6 grams of nitrogen in a 20 litre nutrient solution that has been freshly made up – it is easy to see how there can be big changes in availability – even if only a small amount is lost. Between denitrification, biological activity and plant consumption – it doesn’t take long until there can be a serious shortage of nitrogen in your system.

Only Mighty Grow can correct this problem. Nitrogen is sequested in solution – making it only available to the plant – due to the technology we use. This means that the plant will be greener and healthier as it won’t be deficient in this essential element ever again.