• £12.00

Use for treating roots and water

You will definitely find more expensive root additives out there but none that work as well as Regen-A-Root! Not even the expensive ones!!
Here at CX Hydroponics we are lucky enough to have an Agronomist with over 30 years of experience in horticultural consultation production and he has developed Regen – A – Root which has become our number one product. This is because it is uniquely effective – and offers amazing results at a fraction of the cost of other root products out there on the market – of which there are many. Only 1ml is needed per litre – which gives great results at great value.

The highest grade raw materials have been sourced from leaders in the market – and they are specialist suppliers. Prior to bottling – an independent laboratory tests every batch during production. There is never more than 0.1% variation in the margin from the original batch – which is used as the master reference. This ensures that you are getting the best batch – with absolute certainty – each time and this is why Regen – A – Root works so well.

Regen – A – Root is the best product to look after your crop’s root zones. Because you don’t see them it is easy to forget about the roots and then before you know it – things can go wrong. However, by using Regen – A – Root you will be able to remain completely ‘ worry free ‘ throughout the growing cycle.

Regen – A – Root needs to be used in every system from cloning to harvest – at every solution change – and only 1ml needs to be added to a litre of nutrient solution.