Superior Potash

  • £13.99

Extra Potash = Extra Weight

Use for increasing finished weight

When your crop is ready to begin its flowering stage – is the time that it has a massive need for potassium for the development of the flowers. Because of this – it’s possible for the levels of potassium in the solution to drop dramatically – and although the plant can adapt to this – it does mean that the growth rate has to slow down in order to compensate for the lack of availability of potassium. This obviously means smaller crops and the need to change the solution regularly to ensure there is an adequate supply of potassium.

By using Superior Potash you will be able to stop this from happening. It is manufactured using our Hot Mix technology and is of the highest quality. We recommend that it is used in conjunction with your usual fertilizing programme.

So why can’t potassium just be added to the nutrient mix to make thing simpler? Well the problem is that not everyone’s system is the same and extra potassium could cause an upset in the balance of some systems. In some conditions – as concentration of the nutrients increases – they can actually ‘salt out ‘.

We however maintain normal concentrations so this can’t occur.

More information can be obtained from your retailer.