Wilt Guard

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De-stress Your Plants

Use for preventing Potassium Deficiency

When growing crops indoors the crop is reliant upon you totally for all of its requirements – and this can be quite challenging. One of the common complaints is the discolouration and wilting of the leaves of the plants – followed by continued deterioration until half of the crop has perished – or even more! The ‘at risk ‘ period is when the plant is flowering – as its roots almost cease growing at this time. Although before the plant matures some of the roots get replaced – this process becomes much slower as maturity approaches. Therefore – knowing this – you can be prepared and ensure that your plants have had a plentiful supply of potassium early on before this occurs.

By using Wilt Guard – and adding it to your solution every time you change it – is a strategy you can put into place.

The specialized form of potassium in Wilt Guard is easily assimilated in large amounts – thanks to the Hot Mix Technology process we use. The compounds are completely pure and are created during a high temperature chemical reaction. The fusion process ensures that all of the impurities are left behind – and the resulting colloidal compound that is laboratory grade – then ionizes in the nutrient solution – and then by the process of osmosis enters into the parts of the root’s Casparian Strip that remain – no matter what condition they are in. This process is what makes Root Guard unique.

Potassium is needed for the regulation of water in the plant. When the plant is under stress – water loss is prevented by guard cells on the outside of the stomata closing. This process operates by the strengthening of the osmotic pressure – and the potassium is responsible for this. Wilt Guard allows this potassium based osmotic pressure to take effect.

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